Three exciting new indie folk tunes for your weekend

Thomas Lavine – “Bridges”
-If you’re a fan of acoustic folk music, Lavine’s latest “Bridges” will be sure to appeal to your ear. The song connects a traditional folk energy in the opening to more of an experimental rock style later in the track. The lead vocal and cinematic elements remind me of St Paul de Vence. You’ve never heard anything like this song before. This track is innovative, engaging, and will pull you in from start to finish.

Wyatt C. Louis – “Dancing with Sue”
-I really like the energy of this new track from Wyatt C. Louis. The steel guitar helps to set off the style as more Americana than straightforward folk. That said, the quality of the lead vocal and clarity of the lyrics make it easy to follow and enjoy. I appreciate how the plodding rhythm keeps it moving but allows the listener to soak into a few really rich moments along the way. Fans of Rayland Baxter and Andrew Combs would do well to add Louis to their playlists and rotation. He’s the real deal.

Jon Reynolds and the Aches – “Come now spring”
-Technically this track is probably more Americana than indie folk, but I’m not here to split hairs and I really wanted to cover this track today. It’s got a warmth in the lead vocal that is quite rare for us to find. I love the chromatic chord changes and the vocal harmonies on this piece. Honestly, it’s a hair-raising good sound to me. After a particularly difficult spring season, I’ll be spinning this track as I look forward to the new beginning of next spring.

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