Three brand new releases from emerging singer songwriters

Alex Gibson – “Dance with you”
-If you remember Brett Dennan and similar pop singer songwriters, you’ll feel something familiar with Alex Gibson. There’s a quality in the vocal that pulls me in right away. If you’ve ever had your eye on someone and pursued a dance with them, this song will resonate. It’s got a tasteful, playful flirtatious style to it. The pop song structure makes it so you can enjoy it and share with anyone. I dig it.

Sara Kays – “Home for the summer”
-There’s a delightful pop shimmer on this song. Depending upon your age, those “fun summers” might be a long time ago. For me, this music conjures some nostalgic memories for sure. There’s a golden hue to Kays’ vocal style here that keeps pulling me back in. The lyrical concept reminds me of something Taylor Swift might have written. The self-awareness of the lyrics, knowing that it’s a summer fling, just make the song all the more fascinating. I look forward to more from Kays.

Dawn Coulshed – “Fall back”
-Dawn Coulshed has one of the most sophisticated voices that I’ve ever covered. I can’t really think of a better word for the tone and style that she presents. The contemplative piano here helps to create a direction for the song, but it’s entirely the lead vocal that shapes the meaningful contours of the piece. The cello work on this piece does a nice job of creating an extra level of depth. The comforting sense in the lyrics about enduring difficulties with someone you love is… well, fitting for our historical moment. This is a powerful song.

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