Three folk tunes to set the tone for your week

Corn Nut Creek – “The house is falling down”
-The mesmerizing banjo work in the opening of this song feels like a lonely mountain home. There’s a certain “high lonesome sound” about this song that put a smile on my face right away. It reminds me of all the analysis out there about rural poverty but happy people living rich lives. It’s about caring for what you have, even if it isn’t much. There’s a truly earthy, grounded sensibility to this track. Ralph Peer would be proud of this one.

Fonder – “Alone”
-The song starts off relaxed with a calm, folk pop spirit. Then it grows into a much more aggressive pop rock style that is going to be familiar to a lot of listeners. There’s an empowering bit of truth to the lyrics about being “better off alone” rather than being in an unsuccessful relationship. The production value on the track is quite impressive. We’re happy to support this rising talented duo.

Ben Danaher – “Holding you down”
-I tend to put music like this in the Americana category because it feels like it could have been top of the charts in the mid 60s. There’s a bit of a soulful spirit to the piece overall. The bluesy lyrics and organ work on the track definitely make it stand out in a crowd folk and Americana scene. The lyrics feel like heartache and the soul makes you believe it. This is a really enjoyable track… come for the bluesy writing, stay for the organ solo.

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