How To Buy The Right Used Piano To Play Malaysia’s Music

If you know that you love music and playing the piano is your passion, then you should start learning it. The real dilemma begins when you don’t know which piano is the right one for you. Musicians all over the world like to play different genres of music that can suit their music preferences. Both digital and acoustic piano are excellent choices, and you have to decide what you want for yourself. A used piano doesn’t require much investment, and the quality is good too. Here are some essential features you should look at before buying from a used piano shop in Malaysia.

Build and Touch of The Piano

 An acoustic piano is grand and royal, and the vibrations of music coming out of it are magical and mesmerizing. It is a big wooden musical instrument that is sustainable. The best thing is that it is traditional and doesn’t require any electricity to work. The keys are easy to use, and there is no effort needed to play the keys.

Piano Sound Quality

The sound quality of an acoustic piano is a much better choice than a digital one. The tone of the music is rich, vibrant and the design is traditional. When the strings are set in motion, you will be immersed in the music. 

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Maintenance of the Piano

An acoustic piano can be damaged easily if you don’t pay proper attention to it. You have to maintain it frequently for it to work correctly. It is to be tuned once or twice in a year and keep it away from humidity and moisture.


The acoustic piano is massive in size and is manufactured using quality wood. It isn’t easy to carry. If we talk about a digital piano, it is light in weight and can be moved from one place to another. The good thing about digital piano is that it comes in different shapes and sizes, and you can take it for a gig or concert.

Piano’s Price 

When you are buying a used piano, it will cost a little less than a brand new keyboard. An acoustic piano will be more expensive than a digital piano. The resale value of a digital piano will also be lesser.

Other Used Piano Features

The acoustic piano comes packed with three different kinds of pedals that is soft pedal; sustain pedal, and sostenuto pedal. The digital piano will give out the quality sound, which is usually produced if you have a variety of musical instruments. It doesn’t have more than one pedal, though. You can easily record or play a digital file on this digital piano, which is not possible on an acoustic piano. 


In the end, it is all about your preference for which piano is suitable for your requirements. If you want to play classical music, then prefer having an acoustic piano. The digital piano will be more ideal if you like rock, funk, and pop. Now that you have read essential features, you can easily decide whatever you want.

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