Entering Music Industry: Why You Should Start in the First Year at College?

The music industry is like no other. It can roughly be compared to Hollywood and filmmaking but still is entirely different. Music requires you to keep abreast of trends while keeping your unique voice. Or helping talents make themselves heard if you are acting as a producer.

Being in the music industry is not only about touring the world and conquering people’s hearts with your lyrics. It is about getting to know the cornerstones and specifics of the profession to keep the audience interested in your image and your legacy.

We hear lots of success stories of young people like Billie Eilish who revolutionized GenZers’ music industry being only 14 years of age. In this industry, indeed, the earlier, the better. Yet, the truth is that success in this sphere, including the financial one, is rare. It either strikes eventually or results from huge efforts.

The ultimate truth is this: if you want to make it to the music industry, you’d better start when you are a freshman. The more time you have to make mistakes and learn, the better your career will get.

Education Is Key

Music requires you to study just like other disciplines. Success comes to the majority of music professionals only if they prove they are really skilled for the job. Moreover, education is often pretty universal. Music industry survivors are usually those who have enough qualifications to rock in sales, marketing, business, and a range of other professions.

Given the scope of duties, music students or those who’ve decided to start their career in music may lack time for regular university assignments. They often use https://essaypro.com/ for their academic help. Of course, it all is much easier to handle if you learn to combine work and education from the very beginning.

98% Music Professionals Do Not Wake Up Famous

Like any other profession, music requires you to work hard. Money and popularity do not just fall upon music artists, producers, and other specialists. It is a long way full of challenges. Do not think that this industry guarantees a sky-rocketing income for everyone involved. Many music professionals put a lot of effort only to never make it to the top.

Thus, it is better not to romanticize these professions and treat them equally with economics and lawyers. It does require knowledge, skills, and a basic understanding of business fundamentals. Thus, the earlier you decide to learn about this industry, the better for you.

The Young, The Energetic, The Optimistic

Enthusiasm, energy, and optimism are three essential things that help young musicians, producers, and other music professionals succeed. This is an internal fuel that drives them to new accomplishments. The younger you are, the more optimistic and energetic you are. Thus, despite any challenge, you’ll have the power to rise up.

When you are a first-year college student, any manifestation of injustice or failure is easier to forget and start over. You have the time, the talent, and the drive, what else do you need?

source: https://unsplash.com/photos/C7DWZcxFCNY

The Habit of Networking

If you start early, you’ll have better chances to network and find mentors. Whoever you can take valuable advice from is a useful contact in your list. Also, you can make friends and build your brand (or even band) together with like-minded people.

It is proven that the connections and friendships that you make during your first year at college last longer and are more trustworthy than other connections. Use this time to expand your network and find people who can help you.

A Chance to Grow Your Personality

A career in music is not only about your talent, skills, and abilities. It is often about your charisma and personal growth. Only a mature and independent person can succeed in a demanding environment in the music industry.

If you start growing that person since your first year at college, you’ll most likely become a person with their own point of view, whose skills reach far beyond the narrow sphere of music. It is wise to invest your time and efforts in building your character and inner-self. It all really matters in this profession.

Enough Time to Choose Something Else

Finally, if you suddenly feel discouraged after trying to make it in the music industry as a freshman student, you have enough time to change your mind. We are all discovering what we can do the best while at college. Trying the music industry and deciding that it is not quite what you expected is okay. If you do understand it in the first year, no time is lost.

At the same time, if you feel that it is what you want to do, you’ll focus more on the details and specifics to become a better professional.  

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