Three emerging electro pop tunes to share with your best pals

Icarus Moth x Wit Blu – “Perfect outfit”
-This is a banger. Put this one on and turn your volume up to that “just a little more than usual” but not to where it’s painful. Do you feel that movement in your soul? It’s… umm… a dash of sultry, for sure. It’s about hooking up without a doubt. But what I love about the piece is that it’s about the premeditation of lovemaking. The bassline, the clear vocal, and the sultry lyrics all work toward the same end… enjoy!

Martinius Solum – “Drug to me”
-Take a catchy, soulful groove and add some electro production to it… okay we’re moving now. Then, over the top we’ll put a chilled out vocal… now it’s got it going. The way this groove pops I can’t tell if I’m listening to that low AM station for sophisticated folks (you know the one), or if it’s the late Saturday night slow jams from the R&B station. It feels like both. That’s the beautiful alchemy of Solum’s work here. It’s about being addicted to the love (and lovin’) of someone special in your life. Oh that everyone might have a person in their life that makes them feel like this…

WREN – “Where you need to be”
-This is a truly unique composition; I know that’s something that people always say about art, even though there’s always some similarity with other art. What I like about WREN is that there’s a nice driving beat here and some atmospheric work, but at the end of the day the piece forges its own path. I really like the vocal layering on this track. I am enjoying this one headphones, but I can’t help but wonder how it would sound in a wide open dance hall. It’s chilled out, but still demands your movement.

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