Three enjoyable new folk tracks

Freedom Fry – “Not with a bullet”
-If you’re looking for folk music (you’re in the right place!), you’ll love Freedom Fry. Their bright harmonies and timeless melodies are every folk fan’s dream. This piece about love not being conquered with violence seems extraordinarily timely… but then, isn’t that a timeless message? You can’t stop love with a bullet or an army. Amen to that.

The Flower Pistils – “The Beauty and the Wonder”
-If you are looking for the folk duo sound that’s been on the rise in the last few years, you’ll find a lot to like about The Flower Pistils. The easy going melody allows the listener to enter into the track easily and the harmonies will keep you there. It’s a fun, almost atmospheric piece that doesn’t fit neatly into classic folk music but feels like a beautiful evolution of the genre. I’m happy to support this kind of energy.

Matt Puccio Jr – “Oh Honey Please, Do It For the Bees”
-This track is a fun little folk song, completely with the earnestness of meaning and a few silly smile-inducing lyrics. It’s a song that would make Woody Guthrie or Pete Seeger happy. The acoustic energy provides a nice basis for what is, essentially, a political speech. We’re happy to amplify the voice… because we do it for the bees.

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