Three fancy new Americana jams

Kathryn Legendre – “One long sad song”
-It sort of breaks my heart that a pure country tune like this feels more “Americana” than country in 2020. This song should be a top 10 country song as far as I’m concerned. Legendre’s vocal is right in that Reba McIntyre style midrange. The power behind the vocal coupled with tender, meaningful lyrics make it an instant hit as far as I’m concerned. I hope the country music landscape moves more toward Tyler Childers and the retro country movement. Legendre fits right in there.

Russ Parrish – “By the willow”
-The gentleness of the piano on this track is absolutely beautiful. Parrish’s vocal style nestles gently into the mix, too. It’s a kind of music that I rarely hear and wish I found more. Parrish has tapped into a “love song” of a sort that really is quite timeless. It’s about waiting for his love, but it’s also about having the hope for a lasting and meaningful commitment. We all could use a bit of a reminder of that these days.

Nate Glyn – “Better off without”
-If you miss great piano artists like Billy Joel and Elton John with their neo-soul vibes, you’ll enjoy Nate Glyn’s music. I like this song but hear TONS of potential for even better work. I’d love to have a contact at one of the big labels to tell about this guy. The writing is crispy, the lyrics work well, and the piano and vocal are impressive. I am excited to follow the career of this emerging artist.

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