Three neoclassical tunes for your midweek

Billy Lockett – “One World”
-We don’t get many neoclassical submissions like this, so I was eager to hear how it unfolded. To call it minimalist in the opening is a bit of an understatement. It’s got these long pauses that make you wonder where it’s going, then the mesmerizing melody enters the track and takes over. There’s something cinematic, almost enrapturing about this track. I like that it seems to invoke an image of unity despite a time of crisis. Give it a spin if you’re interested in some thoughtful personal reflection.

Sherwood Roberts – “Reverie”
-The peaceful development of this track is quite engaging. I appreciate how the melody rolls from one concept to the other. It never really repeats, but it does seem to adapt on each new variation. There are a few clever chord changes that really change the texture of the piece. I could picture this one being used on an inspirational montage. It’s really quite lovely.

Kendra Logozar – “Transparent”
-As an editor of a music website, I’m not allowed to play favorites so let me be subtle. Kendra Logozar is one of my favorite neoclassical composers I’ve ever heard. If someone asked me what I mean by “neoclassical” I would just send them the link to Logozar’s music. This piece has delightful phrasing, gorgeous melodies and submelodies, and an overall feeling of peace that permeates the track. I could definitely enjoy this one while sipping coffee on the porch or while reading. It’s a gem.

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