Exquisite, emerging modern singer songwriters

Matt Van – “Fixed”
-Modern is such a tired word, really. What do we mean by that? With, Matt Van there’s a “modern” sensibility in that his music feels perfect for our contemporary moment. The understated vocal style works great for this easy going acoustic style. It’s not exactly the kind of jangly folk we often feature around here, but it has an approachable style like Jeremy Messersmith or Ben Rector, two of our favorites. Matt Van is legit.

Emma Taylor – “Made your bed”
-This track is the epitome of intimacy in music; the lyrics are reflective of an important, confessional moment. But the message is punctuated by both a beautiful piano part and some amazing strings later in the piece. The entire composition hinges on the gorgeous vocal from Taylor. If you are a fan of the dodie and Tessa Violet style of modern indie music, you will adore Emma Taylor’s style. I’m so glad to have found her.

Ethan French – “The More I See”
-There’s a certain charm to Ethan French’s composition style and vocal that gets me every time. The layered vocal style is really excellent for this particular mix. Something about the way that French puts together the lines feels almost surgical in its precision. The pop chord choices make it feel familiar with these beautiful, evocative lyrics. I am so happy to support an artist like Ethan French for the powerful writing we hear in this piece.

Lucy and La Mer – “Together”
-If you’ve been around ETTG for a bit, you already know about Lucy and La Mer. It’s a band with beautiful quirks and an unconventionally joyous sound. The optimism in this piece is something that we should all adapt to make the world a better place. I love the ironic lyrical work about being together in the midst of a massive quarantine. As usual, Lucy and La Mer finds a way to get my feet tapping even when I might feel like putting on the sads. What a treat!

Lee Brave – “If you want to”
-If you’re looking for a sexy new tune to add to that “lights down” playlist you’re working on (it’s ok… we know you have one), give Lee Brave’s latest a new one. It’s basically an audio booty call. The groove is unbelievably good and Brave’s vocal cuts right through the mix. This one’s definitely got a specific purpose. You’ll want it on the adults only party playlist, maybe, but definitely not for the family barbeque playlist. It’s saucy.

Jessica Lorraine – “Barely breathing”
-Well this is a stunning track, I’ll warn you from the start. It’s got that deep-down-in-your-soul desperation to it. Lorraine has tapped into a kind of intimacy and depth that we rarely hear in music that gets widely shared. I appreciate how the piece is dark but also contemplative. It’s not brooding for the sake of brooding; it’s heartache. If you’ve ever had your heart shattered, this song will resonate.

Mlady – “Proximity”
-“We’re just creatures of proximity” is such a fascinating lyrical concept. Then to feel this folk rock energy around the lyrical concept as it unfolds… what a powerful little song. I really enjoy the sentiment of the song and the quality of the lead vocal is exceptional. This is one of those “total package” songs that is extremely rare but quite enjoyable. I’ll definitely be listening for more mlady in the future.

Rachel McGoye and Mona Wonderlick – “Come on”
-This is a saucy, soulful love song with a slick beat. I definitely enjoy the production on this one, but it’s the soulful vocal from McGoye that wins the day for me. It’s one of those tracks that makes me close my eyes and say “mmhmm” from the very start. I could even be pursuaded onto the dancefloor with a tune like this. Got me like “ooooooh weeeeee.” Amen to that one.

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