Indie Pop to Dance Away Quarantine Blues

Sarpa Salpa – “Backwards Forwards”

Covering this act for awhile now, we are continually impressed with the lively indie acts. They carry the sound of more established acts like Walk The Moon and Saint Motel. However, the act have a little more rock flare to them which separates them from the ever changing genre of indie pop. Their energy, swagger, and indie authenticity are refreshing, and we think you will be pleasantly surprised by the rising act.

Maddie Jay – “Shakes”

This singer songwriter is incredibly cool. They craft a tight indie pop sound that seems effortless and fresh, while writing lyrics that explore the deeper matters of life. Carrying more than a few different genre styles, Maddie Jay provides purposeful and sonic creativity at an impressive clip. Her talent is only matched by her ambition. After being a reputable producer, she has forged out into her own songwriting exploration, which we are sure you will agree, is fantastic.

SMALLS – “Tail Lights”

The guitars grab you immediately on “Tail Lights”. We were thrown back to some of our favorite genre bending acts like The Cure and The 1975. This one has a slower and more atmospheric burn to it. The band has an extraordinary talent for crafting a wall of sound that leaves listeners feeling nostalgic and a little melancholy. Keep an ear out for more impressive tracks from this Australian act.

Party Nails – “Effexor”

There are particular band names that we dig for no particular reason. NY act Party Nails are a perfect example of this. The act is the project of one talented artist who describes her sound as more “alternative” indie pop. Whatever you call it, we love it.  “I focused on bittersweet songwriting set to dance vibes,” the artist explains. “As a singer, I really wanted to push myself to the edge of my sanity with each vocal take. Ultimately my goal was to create an album of memorable songs that land across the spectrum of alternative pop.

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