Tuesdays Are For Singles: The Most Compelling Tracks

Sydney Ross Mitchell – “Hollywood, Night One”

We have built on our site for artists like Sydney Ross Mitchell. Her introspective songwriting is everything we love about music. Stripped down in sound, but still very intentional and emotive, her art reminds us of artists we love like Phoebe Bridgers and Noah Gundersen. The Nashville artist sings about space and displacement in “Hollywood, Night One”. We find it very timely even if her sound is all together timeless.

Monks in the Wood – “Patterns”

The music of this act is almost otherworldly. Their layered sounds draw from shoe gaze, dream pop, and psych pop. “We like to imagine we are on another planet when writing songs,” explains the group. “We are looking at the Earth and the way it is being treated and we reflect. We are inspired by science fiction, science fact and all the sorts of crazy things human beings believe, prioritize and do.” While their sound is reminiscent of contemporaries like Tame Impala, we feel the act stands on their own in talent and imagination. Explore their catalog of music if you dig expansive indie rock.

Fremmand (feat Peter Hayes) – “Legendary Lover”

The music of Fremmand is a slow burning rock that we find incredibly intriguing. The four-piece recruited likeminded artist Peter Hayes from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club for their newest single “Legendary Lover”. The music of the two acts overlap in styles, so if you like one you will probably like the other. Yet, with us being a little less familiar with the music of Fremmand, we were pleasantly surprised with how their sound evolves and how they craft a wall of sound that impresses.

Blair Borax – “Light Work”

Wow. That has to be how we start any review of this young singer songwriter. Touching on folk, pop, and Americana, her style is tight yet whimsical. Vocally there is a sweetness in her voice but is also very soulful in spots. “Light Work” is a light and imaginative track, which lay in contrast of some of her other work which is as equally compelling. “Light Work” shows an incredible talent that is alluring and incredibly provoking.

Maggie Miles – “Deserve This”

The relentless keys on this one makes it near combustible. The music of Miles toys with pop but also has enough credibility to dip into other genres. Her vocals build with the track, showing her range and talent. The instrumental building of “Deserve This” continues to build and reveal as it develops. We appreciate a lot about her style and how she crafts textured tracks that continue to surprise.

Jeremy Ferrara – “Sing Until I Die”

The music of Ferrara are timeless. The young songwriter plays into countless classic genres that are sure to surprise listeners. You cannot help but smile during the sweet sway of “Sing Until I Die”. We were reminded of John Mayer‘s Born and Raised album when we heard this track, but also the work of site favorite Dawes. We especially appreciate the instrumental breakdown toward the end of the track.

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