Storytelling songwriters to catch your attention

Missy Bauman – “Two sisters” [Trigger warning – sexual abuse]
-The minimalist composition of this track is really intriguing. It works well for Bauman’s sincere lyrics to shine through on the track. But this song is really a tragic tale of abuse. I think it best to just let folks listen to it rather than me offering any commentary. It’s not my story to share. PLEASE listen to Missy Bauman.

Leading Edge – “Northern Lights”
-If you miss the intensity of “group vocal” style folk music, give Leading Edge a spin. This song has a lot of positive energy about looking up to explore the Northern Lights. I always appreciate when a song can help give me perspective on who I am and how small I am in the universe. This song mixes feel good harmonies with a sense of wonder. Very nicely done.

Jillian Lake – “Bleed baby bleed”
-I adore this song. It starts off with a plaintive guitar part leading into a soft, gentle piano part. The lead vocal has some effect on it that sometimes feels a bit distant. But if you lean in, you’ll hear the humanity in the vocal and the layers that make it truly stand out. There’s an ethereal, raw, emotional sense to the lyrics that really grab my attention. Once you hear the harmonies on the chorus, your heart will melt like mine did.

Sumen – “Silly songwriter”
-This track has a bit of a Beatles riff style to it. If you’ve seen any of my other coverage of Sumen, you’ve seen that comparison before. I really appreciate the energy of the song. The chord changes come thick and fast, creating a truly unique composition. I hope some of our vintage readers appreciate the vintage style here.

Emily Keener – “Boats”
-This isn’t a love song so much as a heart song. What I mean is that it has some raw emotions in it that aren’t just sacchrine love thoughts; it’s real and engaging. I appreciate Keener’s near-whispered vocal style as it dances with the piano here. It’s a delicate and enjoyable sound that’s sure to pull in a lot of listeners and win over a lot of fans.

Genevieve Dawson – “I know what you are”
-The easy going piano melody of this piece sets a baseline for Dawson’s sophisticated vocal sound to seep through. The overall sound feels like something truly timeless. I can’t pin down a specific era or influence; it’s a truly unique piece of artwork. I appreciate the poetic lyrical style that will have listeners reflecting on a specific relationship with transcendent application to many other situations. Once the horns enter the track, I went from like to love in an instant.

Vintz Desert – “Credence Song”
-This is a heartbreak song. It has a beautiful fingerpicking part and expressive vocal sound, but at the end of the day it’s still a heartbreak song. As you lean in to the song you can feel the pain. The explicit lyrics are there to wake you up and I think they work well to that end. It’s a sad but captivating song. If you’ve ever felt heartbroken, this is really powerful.

Avery Davis – “Spring clean”
-If you are looking for a singer songwriter to get you through life “a day at a time,” this tune from Avery Davis might just do the trick. It’s easy going and relaxing. If you’re at that point in your life where you’re not sure what’s next (i.e. all of us), then having a song like this can really keep you grounded. It’s about gratitude. I appreciate the way the relaxed melody and vocal style match the message of the song.

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