Three tranquil neoclassical pieces

Rikard Mathisson – “As Close”
-I appreciate the relaxing style of Rikard Mathisson’s compositions. This new piece, “As Close” as a gentle feeling throughout. I appreciate that it doesn’t repeat much and seems to tell a story. It feels like a friend telling me about a loved one. I don’t know why I get that picture, but it feels really comforting in that way. In this moment of social distance, this definitely helps people feel nearer to me.

Michael Logozar – “Fragments”
-This is a gorgeous piece of music that brings in some breathtaking elements. I find the combination of the solo piano and the elements in the background to work really well together. It’s cinematic in moments. What the piece does extremely well is set an overall calming mood. You could use this for background while reading or meditation to great effect.

Charley Van Veldhoven – “Vortex”
-If you prefer your neoclassical music to have a bit more movement to it, give Charley Van Veldhoven a spin. With a name that feels a bit like a rock star (CVV!), I was surprised to hear the moving and peaceful style of Van Veldhoven’s writing. Some of the dynamics in the piece are quite intriguing. I was drawn in from the start and am glad to have discovered a new, captivating artist in the genre.

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