4 Tips to Write a Good Entertainment Essay

Entertainment refers to any activity that aims to hold the interest of audiences or give them pleasure. Depending on individual preferences, it can be an activity, task, idea, or event to help relax your tired mind and bring a smile to your lips, like music, reading, chatting with family, dancing, etc. 

If you are supposed to write an essay on entertainment, you should link the ideas of the current industry with pre-technology entertainment. In recent years, technology has undergone a quick revolution and is now one of the leading developments in the entertainment industry. Television and newspaper, as the traditional forms of media, have lost the battle to a new generation of emerging mediums, such as social networks and mobile games. Technological innovations have transformed every aspect of the entertainment industry like CD’s and moved on to digital downloads and e-books that replaced hard copies.

All excellent essays of any type start by picking a topic, preparing an outline, developing a thesis statement. Then, there’s the body containing an introduction, main body, and a conclusion, and finally, the last touches. If you’re not skilled enough, you might ask, “Who can write my essay?” or “Who can help write my essay?” If you’re still wondering where to start, take a look at some online essay writing service giving directions on how to develop ideas in your task.

Essay sections

Presentation of your ideas on entertainment can be the same as of any other paper you’ve written. First of all, you need to make an outline. Establish the main points of your argument and make a list of key terms.

Next, it’s time to prepare the initial draft. Express your ideas in a logical manner. It’s recommended to use clear and precise sentences. An entertainment essay consists of an introductory paragraph, the main body (at least 3 paragraphs), and a conclusion section.


The opening should be precise and present your thesis statement in a clear manner. Explain the subject and express its relevance to the overall topic. The introductory paragraph informs the reader of the issues your work will cover.


All the arguments and main ideas of the topic are presented in this section. Each concept is devoted to a separate paragraph and a logical transition to other parts. Use persuasive examples to support your well-argued body.


In this section, you should repeat the main ideas already pointed and give a summary of all arguments.

Steps to develop a good paper

Regardless of the length or topic of your essay, you have to take some easy steps like with any other writing style.

1.  Pick Your Topic

The topic of your article serves as its identity, so you should pick a broad one that covers different aspects of the entertainment industry. Sharing your personal experiences can make your essay relatable, but avoid repetitive subjects and pick an engaging and genuine story.

2.  Structure Your Paper

Identify what aspect of this industry you want to discuss. Knowing the basics can’t be enough. You have to know how to discuss your thoughts and support your arguments. A well-written work centers on the thesis development describing your position on the selected subject. You can compare or contrast traditional and modern practices in the entertainment industry. Consider that all your sentences need to be linked to the thesis.

3.  Write Your Paper

Both traditional and contemporary entertainment have impacted our community and social lives. Find adequate, reliable sources and organize your thinking to develop an outline. Writing about entertainment can be a bit challenging as people with different lifestyles enjoy various forms of entertainment around the world. Include several forms of entertainment in your writing to avoid confusion. 

Many people enjoy music as a way to relieve stress or boredom. Almost every person is interested in some type of music. Older people tend to enjoy classical music, while the younger generation likes rhymes and pop music. There are also people who are attracted to natural sounds including the chirping of birds, water falling from the mountains and religious chants.

In addition to music, reading is a great source of entertainment. People who enjoy reading can curl up to a book and read for hours. This activity can help relieve stress and reboot the mind. 

Other activities that can re-energize your mind and give you pleasure include going out for a picnic, dancing, singing, and chatting with family members or friends,  

4.  Proofreading

It is a big mistake to think you’re done after the conclusion. Your text must be properly reviewed and revised. It is better to check the order and logic of the paragraphs after writing. The main points are usually expressed in the first and last paragraphs of the main body.

You should evaluate the final draft in terms of coherence and consistency. Read your work over and over to check it for typos, spelling, and grammar errors. Ask your instructor, a family member, or friends to edit your work. Proofreading can help you ensure that your paper is free from mistakes. Your work should make sense to the readers. Consider their feedback and make corrections if needed.

Bottom line

A well-crafted essay on entertainment requires a lot of practice and depends on several factors. Different people enjoy different types of entertainment. Therefore, you need to take a holistic approach and also consider the impact of technology. Once you’re done with your writing, proofread the essay to make sure that it is free of any typos, spelling, and grammar errors.

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