A new music mix to kickoff your week

DYLYN – “Something to lose” [Explicit]
-I don’t always approve music like this, but when I do it’s because it has a powerful energy to it. I appreciate the communication about a relationship in the core of the song. The overall message though is that life has meaning and that we need to be careful how we handle things. “I’m a better me when I’m with you.” Yep.

All My Friends Hate Me – “Not in this economy” [Explicit]
-If you’re a fan of punk, listen to this. The lyrics and vocal on this track really grabbed my attention right away. There’s a feeling of joyful hopelessness to this song that resonates REALLY WELL with me right now. The snarky attitude and killer power pop chords make me feel about 15 years younger, feeling like I could take over the world. I needed this energy today, for sure.

Willder – “Room”
-If you’re sick of indie rock bands that seem like they’re emulating each other, spin Willder. This sound creates its own lane. I appreciate the expressive overall style. The vocal is sometimes understated, allowing the guitars to take over in some elements. The message of having room in your heart to open to others is… moving.

Paper Buoys – “Liaa (Love is all around)”
-The clever lyricism here is matched by some excellent, tight-knit production. Paper Buoys are an intriguing band with a style that seems to mash together some earlier rock forms. There’s a bit of Brit Pop, a bit of punk, and a bit of early 90s alt rock swirling into an energetic style. I appreciate the dynamic changes from chilled out lyrically driven sections to almost-shouted vocals on the chorus and bridge. I dig it.

senses – “As I was”
-The smooth polished energy of this track is impressive. You can tell this isn’t the average bedroom-produced indie rock album. It’s more of a commercial hit style production in the vein of a band like Paramore. If you like female-fronted power pop/rock music, you’ll definitely enjoy what senses have to offer. This is a sound that is radio ready. Honestly, I’m surprised it’s not already charting.

Michael Dupon – “Start again”
-There’s probably a good pop comparison for Michael Dupon’s style, but I can’t think of one off hand. What impresses me most about this track is one lyric about the subject of the song probably being in someone else’s arms. Whew, that cuts deep. The way his more punctuated lyrical style reflects on “what went wrong” contrasts well with the melodic, even sweet hopefulness on the chorus. The mix is unique and worth a spin.

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