Let’s keep the new tunes spinning, friends

Sean Christopher – “Indigo blue”
-I really like the composition of this piece. Both the energy of the acoustic guitar and the lead vocal style. The entire feel is really comfortable in a unique way. I find the backing vocals to create a sense of depth, which allows the lead to pop even more. But more than anything, this is a song you can put on a playlist and just vibe out no matter what you’re doing.

Ellen Krauss – “Silver Spoon”
-This is a powerful song with some very engaging lyrics. Listen to the words. The confrontation in the track is important for us to engage. I’ve never really heard a song that confronted this kind of predatory behavior before. It’s a song that feels like it could not have been written at any other time. The lead vocal is really good, allowing the message to come through powerfully.

Levi Robin – “Willow Tree”
-This is one of the most unique tracks I’ve heard in a long time. The vocal is definitely a special style, full of texture and depth. The beat is unconventional, creating a space that you’ve probably never heard before. I find myself drawn into the production. It’s almost prayerful in its composition. Something about it puts me in the mind of Amanda Palmer and some of her experimental compositions.

Sebastian Paul – “Back and forth”
-I dig the chilled out vibe here. I could go for a full playlist of chilled out but still moving music like this. The “at the night club” lyric doesn’t resonate, but the being awake at 3 am part does. I’ll bet there are a lot of people trying to wrestle with the unconventional moods and schedules of this unique historic moment. A vibe out modern electro track certainly helps bring some normalcy.

Didirri – “Don’t fight with what you’re fighting for”
-I definitely appreciate the quality that consistently comes from Didirri. Mostly I like the lead vocal, but the timeless folk rock instrumentation is good as well. The lyrics on this one can be a bit quizzical at first, but really it’s an encouragement. In these times of being shacked up either with someone (thus, fights) or away from someone (thus, loneliness), keep this sentiment in mind. Don’t lose what you’re fighting for. It’s worth loving.

Lullanas – “Pennsylvania skies”
-If you’re a fan of the poppy folk sound that has emerged in the past half decade, you’ll love Lullanas. I’m a sucker for these fantastic harmonies. The thing is, I’ve heard recordings from bigger budget productions that didn’t have half the talent of this band. I am really looking forward to watching their career develop. This is a fantastic, poetic, harmonic, pleasing song. Look, it doesn’t hurt that I’m a PA native myself. Even still, I would have approved this track if it was about any other state as well. It’s endearing.

Kennedy Road – “Oh darlin don’t you know”
-This song has a wonderful folk male-female duo that will put a smile on the face of a lot people. In a world where we all miss the Prairie Home Companion, wholesome music like this seems to be sorely absent. The string work is particularly delightful. I’d be interested in hearing the guitarist put out a solo album. It’s so relaxing, to be fair.

Dave Starke – “A week in the cape”
-This is one of the most poetic folk songs I’ve heard in a long time. Each line is delivered like a line from a poem. It’s a timeless folk style that is sorely missed in our poppy folk world. This feels like the real deal. By the time the piano enters the track, you’ve already cozied yourself up. It’s a delightful song that prepares my soul for a cup of hot chocolate and a trip down memory lane. This is an absolute treasure.

Juni Habel – “Frightened Hearts”
-Well, this folk song crawls along like an ancient hymn. It’s got an incredible depth to it that feels timeless. I really appreciate the way the vocal harmony gives the song an additional sense of connection and humanness. However, the sense of having a “frightened heart” in the midst of a worldwide crisis feels… eloquent. The hypnotic acoustic work is exactly what my soul needs right now and the lyrics fit perfectly.

showalter – “Turn swallow road”
-This track is a bit darker than what we typically feature, but the blues guitar work here is something that a lot of people will appreciate. Give the song some time to develop and it really does open up. The lyrics remind me a bit of House of the Rising Sun in some regard. Give it a listen and find out why.

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