Grab your acoustic guitar and play along with these gems

Edward Doyle – “Yesterday” (Beatles cover)
-When Doyle contacted me about this song, he said he didn’t think we’d cover it because it’s a cover. Well, I have to say that I don’t TYPICALLY feature covers, but this is not typical by any stretch. You can just hear the genuine connection Doyle makes with the song, with the intent behind the message, and the emotions of it all. I love the song originally, but this cover gives it new life. It might be about a lost love, but it also communicates a loss of a way of life that we all lost a few weeks ago. Had we known the world was about the change… how would we have lived differently?

Daniel Trakell – “Let me be”
-This acoustic folk tune really hits me as a potential modern hit. You could picture the likes of Jackson Browne or David Crosby rolling this one out in about 1972. It’s got that folksy charm with a bit of rock energy to it as well. When the strings enter the track, you’ll find yourself feeling some kinda way. I definitely enjoy the tension in the strings and the lyrics. It’s a hidden gem with plenty of layers.

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