Some chill rock to try out at your next barbecue

The weather is breaking here in northeast Ohio and we’re gonna need some tunes that won’t offend the neighborhood when we crank them. We can only listen to “Sweet Caroline” so many times. So here are a few new tunes that will make your friends ask what you’re spinnin’… and cookin’. *The BBQ is up to you.

The Darling Suns – “Better off”
-I’ll be honest I usually take my classic rock without strings. But the Darling Suns pull it off here. It’s a song that has different textures, blending together genres for something that truly feels unique. I dig the opening guitar and vocal combo the best, but the whole track has a moving rock energy to it. I definitely bob my head to this groove.

Brothers Beckham – “Sunrise Full of Cheer”
-I like the vocal style on this track but I absolutely LOVE the guitar work. The lead in from the opening guitar work to the vocal harmonies on that first chorus makes me *gestures like a chef who just made a delicious meal* happy. This is a masterful little track that is certainly worth spinning no matter who you are or where you’ve been. It’s timeless rock with a psych edge and some clever writing.

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