A quartet of heart-soothing neoclassical pieces

Val Giamo – “Fragment Porcelein”
-This breathtaking piece from composer Val Giamo is exactly what I needed right now. The phrasing is gentle while some of the textures can turn quite dark. It’s perfect for reflecting on uncertainty. It’s perfect for seeking out beauty in the midst of what feels like a broken and sometimes dark time.

Kendra Logozar – “Equilibrium”
-At the end of the first phrase in this piece, there’s a little turn upward that reminds me of the end of a long piece of hair that just flips up on its own. The rest of the hair is perfectly tamed and laying where it’s placed, but that little end has a mind of its own. That’s an image of beauty, boldness, and a decision not to conform. Of course hair is not sentient, but the image sticks with me in this evocative piece. I could write to Logozar’s music all day long. It’s beautiful and gives my soul an overwhelming sense of calm. This is a gift, my friends.

Gianluca Piacenza – “Endless”
-If you’ve been reading my neoclassical columns for any length of time, you’re familiar with Piancenza’s bright compositions. In a genre that can be so often sullen and void, Piacenza brings a hopefully dynamism. I appreciate the bright energy of this piece. This is not “endless” in the sense of a Sisyphean drudgery; this is “endless” in the hope of eternity. I love it.

Rikard Mathisson – “Still asleep”
-The relaxed energy of this piece does remind one of sleep. It’s dreamlike in one sense, but also a lullaby in another. The piano almost mimicks a music box in some ways with subtle, easy to follow melodies. If you’re looking for something for the background that will help you center your mind with a meditative style, this piece is really helpful. It’s sweet, meaningful, and genuine.

Photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/val.giamo/

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