Five new folk songs to get your existential questions brewing

Grace Gillespie – “Goodbye”
-We’ve covered Grace Gillespie in the past, but this piece here really grabbed my attention. It’s intimate and calm, like a Joni Mitchell song, all the while packing a formidable lyrical punch. It’s about fearing that your life doesn’t have any meaning. It’s beautiful and reflective in meaningful ways. The guitar work and subtle harmonies make the existential lyrics go down smooth.

Dan Zlotnick – “Day 2 for Dina”
-If you’re a fan of folk and Americana music, you’ll appreciate Zlotnick’s thoughtful songwriting. This is a SUPER sad song. But the wisdom in the chorus, “trade your worries for a song” is unbelievably profound. It’s such a simple yet meaningful statement. The “chamber folk” composition here really pops. Zlotnick’s vocal permeates the track perfectly. I dig this a lot, even if it is super sad.

Eliza Edens – “Days, Nights”
-Eliza Edens makes quintessential modern folk music. The composition style could be from The Tallest Man on Earth or any number of the PNW folk outfits right now. It’s got this elegant finger picking style, a stoic yet meaningful vocal style, and some group harmonies in the background for additional depth. The combination creates a sometimes-haunting, often mood-setting ethereal space. Move through the sorrow. Wow.

Johnny Ashby – “Magnolia Hill”
-The balance between the opening electric guitar and the quality lead vocal makes for a perfect introduction to this new folk sound. Once the keys and other elements enter the track, it feels full and rich but allows the vocal to still cut through. Some of the lyrics feel a bit like a folk mashup, but the easy going energy of the track puts a smile on my face. Something about it reminds me of Lennon, so that’s pretty amazing.

Meadows – “Addicted”
-If you’ve followed our coverage of the Tallest Man or Stu Larsen over the years, you know we are into this style of acoustic folk singer songwriter. Meadows is yet another of these exceptionally gifted, poetic, evocative songwriters. The sense of melody and use of dynamics in this track will absolutely give you chills. If you’ve ever been “addicted” to a person, you’ll definitely feel this one in your soul.

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