A quick four-song indie pop list for you and your friends

The Laughing Heart – “You can count on me”
-If you think of Randy Newman when you click play on this track, I assure you that you are not alone. It’s got that feel good vibe to it that will have you thinking of “friends.” The energy is relaxing and fun. You could put it on a party playlist or just nice relaxed tunes for a good walk. It’s wonderful.

Anthony da Costa – “Runaway”
-There’s something glowing, pleasing even to this track. The production allows the lead vocal to shine through in ways that we rarely hear in music today. While I disagree with the distortion in the background, I found da Costa’s vocal so excellent I couldn’t say no. It’s the kind of tune that you’d expect to dominate the airwaves in the mid 70s. I am eager to hear more from this stand out vocalist.

Ellie D – “Better”
-If you’re looking for a chill-the-hex-out vibe, put this track on. The production allows the lead vocal to ride over top of the beat in a unique way. But once the breakdown happens, it feels like a more danceable tune. It’s an intriguing mix, but really it’s the lyrical complexity that holds it all together. While a lot of electro music feels like it’s from another world, Ellie D writes with an approachable style that pulls me right into the narrative.

Arbour Season – “Arcadian”
-If you’re looking for high-production folk pop music, you can’t do any better than Arbour Season. These are some incredibly talented musicians. The vocals are crystal clear, which really makes the song stand out in a crowded folk scene right now. The lyrics are convicting, in a way, and do a nice job of causing self reflection. This is a band that makes my short list of “ones to watch” in 2020.

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