The Loveliest Tunes for the Most Lovely of Weekends

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend, whether you like it or not. So, whether it brings you joy or agony, I’ve got some of the loveliest, and even heartbreaking songs to inspire you! You can thank me later. Just call me St. Dayna, the patron saint of (mostly) sad music.

Emily Keener – “Do You Love Me Lately?”

What Ms. Keener has given us with this is a royal alternative/folk anthem, fit for the kings and queens of the genre. Her vocals are raw and compelling, really excelling in her falsetto range. Her lyrics are relatable and beguiling. The music is simple and evidence of excellent songwriting choices. It’s the background vocals that are a wonderful standout for me here. I’m a big fan of this song of love… and loss.

Bliss Army – “Widow’s Walk”

Another example of less is more, this heartfelt story evokes feelings of sadness and yet, hope. The walk-up melody line on the chorus is such a pleasant surprise and really makes this song move into the realm of unique and beautiful execution. The underlying beats and tones elevate the overall impact and the gradual crescendo of the dynamics creates excitement. It was truly something different, in the best of ways, from beginning to end.

EllaHarp – “Screaming Into the Void”

Oh, girl, I love, LOVE, me some good old fashioned harp. Ok, maybe I don’t normally seek it out, but how inspiring is taking the classical harp and mixing it with pop or singer-songwriter nuances, thus inventing a completely new sound? Really inspiring! EllaHarp has given us a musical delight here. Vocally, she’s got such a great earthy tone and lyrically, it’s telling and poignant. I’m so glad to have found this literal gem.

Rachel Bochner – “Half of You”

Every once in a while, we here at EETG take a chance on an artist that normally would fly in under the radar. That’s exactly what happened with this last song. However, I clicked on it and from the first piano chord, I was in for the ride. But it’s the vocals that strapped me in and wouldn’t let me go. Effortless and easy-breezy, she climbs up and down notes so beautifully that I’m genuinely jealous! It’s not distracting or show-boaty rather than excellently timed and masterful. The music is a great round-off to this overall delightful song.

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