Essential Indie Electro/Downtempo Tracks

Moa Moa – “Yellow Jacket”

For lack of a better description, this is our jam. This new UK act are undeniably cool and confident on “Yellow Jacket”. The track shows an impressive amount of influences and styles, while still maintaining its own sound. This sound is what is sure to catapult the young act into playlists and earbuds in the months to come. Its slow burn paces towards a more than satisfying climax which then ends all too abruptly. Prepare to hear more from one of our new favorite acts.

D.E.L – “Evergreen”

Perhaps the beauty behind “Evergreen” is its ability to function as two distinct and equally as impressive tracks. On one hand, it could easily be a trance inducing downtempo instrumental. There is a deep understanding of this genre found in its arrangement. On the other hand, vocally it is emotive and soulful with a perfect amount of effect added. When constructed together, the track is an impressive piece of artistic achievement that will carry beyond mere genre and preference.

Alexander Vincent – “Other People’s Lives”

If you like slow burning downtempo tracks, this will be your new favorite find. While being perfectly restrained, it also has a combustible spirit just underneath the surface. This bubbles over with a jagged guitar part that really makes the track stand out. Vocally it uses effects but this only serves as an aesthetic that enhances the overall mood of the track. To be this disciplined in building a track, shows of the great talent of the artist. The music of Alexander Vincent has grabbed our attention and we cannot wait to hear more.

Factor Chandelier – “New View”

We love the expressive and understated sound of Factor Chandelier. The blend of unexpected styles makes it deeply compelling and forces listeners to pay attention. It is not as peaceful as many instrumental tracks are within the realm of genres it shares. There is an urgency and energy that builds and makes it a fun groove to submerse yourself in. The artist shows with “New View” that they are talented at crafting attention grabbing tracks that bounce beyond genre, while sticking to your brain.

Marian Hill – “Was it Not”

We have been a fan of the creative style of Marian Hill for awhile. The duo is back with their highly anticipated sophomore LP Unusual (May 2020). The way they blend styles is intriguing, and on “Was it Not”, the act appears to continue to tighten their already smooth sound. Mixing rich beats with a beautiful siren call of vocalist Samantha Gongol, the act is due to increase their reach and draw many new fans.

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