Four gorgeous neoclassical pieces for a peaceful week

Sarah Coponat – “Whisper”
-The title “Whisper” is a delightfully appropriate name for this piece. I love how the recording style allows you to hear the true mechanics of the sound. There are pedals and actual pieces of wood and string that make the sounds you are hearing. While some recordings might remove those ambient sounds, I actually find that they bring a rawness and authenticity that juxtaposes itself beautifully with the gorgeous melody lines from the strings themselves.

Sleepy Songs – “Meadow”
-We’ve been covering Sleepy Songs for a while now, so I wasn’t at all surprised that this was another yes from us. The cinematic energy of this recording inspires me deep within my spirit. I want to go climb a mountain or go on an adventure… maybe cross a vast meadow. Whatever it makes you dream of, I bet within seconds of listening you can picture somewhere beautiful, grandiose, and awe inspiring. It’s in the music… and we’re here for it.

Wide Waters – “Tides”
-When you look out into the ocean and see the tides crashing in on shore, you can’t help but feel something peaceful come over you. This track captures some of that majestic natural energy in a totally unique way. I admire the energy with which the sparing instrumentation seems to fill the space. The creative vibes in this piece defy genre, which is atypical of us in the neoclassical space. If we approve a song that is this avant garde in this space, it has to be mind-blowingly good. It is.

YuMe – “Kite”
-If you have memories of flying a kite as a child, this piece will probably evoke them for you. Some part of it is about flight, I suppose. But then there’s another part of it that’s just about who you are there flying the kite with. It’s about togetherness and love… and lots of smiles, even if the kite nose dives every time. But if you get the thing to fly it’s magical. You know what it’s up there, but the illusion of control as the kite moves higher… that’s what this song is about. It’s got a beautiful, mesmerizing piano part and some atmospheric digital strings that will set your heart at ease while your memories fly sky high.

Image courtesy: Wide Waters IG

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