Indie rock and electro to fuel your 2020 playlists

Floating Sue – “Turn back the clock”
-There’s a remarkable energy to this track. Oftentimes more commercial production like this doesn’t click for me, but this track really stands out. I think it’s the intricate blend in the vocal with some really good grooves behind the scenes. The combination feels like something truly unique, yet like it could have charted any time from 2000 until now. It’s a good vibe.

Daffodils feat. Streaming Satellites – “Go Wild”
-If you’re looking for that indie funkiness, you really need to spin this track. It’s dripping with that late night show vibe. You can almost feel the buzz that generated the track. The funk in the bassline is enough to make me take notice. The amazing, desperate, reaching vocal style appeals to the energy of the song overall. It’s about going wild… straining for something just a bit out of reach.

Quietype – “Island”
-Slow burn, baby. That’s what this song is. It’ll grab you from the start and just cut through slow and steady. It’s a little bit soul, a little bit electro, and a lot of unique. If you’re look for something to put on in the background while you chill or to highlight on a unique slow jam indie playlist, this could work for either one.

The Mesa – “Days gone by”
-The energy of this slow burning rock song is infectiously enjoyable. The harmonies, of course, are my favorite part. But I feel like this song could have come out in the 70s. It’s got a vintage vibe (is that an organ I hear?), but it also has some feel good harmonies. My hunch is that this is all intentional with a nostalgic title like “Days gone by.” This is a front porch, sit back and chill with the ones you love kind of tune.

Freedom Fry – “West Coast”
-We’ve been covering Freedom Fry for a minute. You can hear why immediately on this track. It’s creative, harmonic, and harkens back to some really fun vintage sounds. It definitely feels like beach music to me. Life can get the best of you, so it’s all about letting go and making the most of the situation.

thanks. – “Busy”
-If you miss the energy of a disco beat but just want a chill vibe for your playlist rather than dance fever, this song is for you. It’s got a beat that literally makes me dance in my chair, but isn’t so wild that I feel like I need to be out of the dancefloor. I appreciate how the energy of the track keeps it moving. It feels really urban and trendy to me. I’m ok with that.

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