Five new rock jams to get you through this work day

Pacific – “Idols”
-If you’re a fan of indie rock, you’ve come to the right place with Pacific. It’s a band named after an ocean. Their sound is almost as vast as the iconic waterway. The guitars and keys swell, creating vast spaces for the radio-ready lead vocal. The entire sound might make you think it’s a feel good song, but the lyrics tell another story. It’s actually quite dark, but worth listening for sure.

Ian McFarland – “More blue”
-The first time I heard this song I didn’t really know how to feel. It’s got this hard driving classic rock vibe to it, yet at times I heard shades of the 90s alt rock that defined my high school years. The combination felt… odd. But as I listened more I felt myself vibing with the guitar energy and the lonesomeness in the voice. It feels like an anthem that was written because it needed to be. It’s a sincere expression – like a diary entry – and absolutely deserves to be shared for how daring the whole production really is.

Rowan – “Finish line”
-I think the easiest comparison for Rowan is probably someone like Coldplay. Honestly, Rowan represent a kind of easy going indie rock that I don’t hear enough right now. I’ve always been a fan of Eagles, so hearing that kind of gentle pop rock with good vocals on the chorus will always be welcome for me. I could listen to this kind of chill rock all day long. I’m definitely a new fan of Rowan.

Mopac – “Workin’ me”
-The mix on this track is delicious. The electric guitar sounds like it was recorded in the 60s. The vocal is vintage, too, but the entire production works so incredibly well I find it shocking. It sounds like a deep cut from the Zombies or something like that. It’s a fascinating tune that deserves some notoriety for the guitar work alone.

Borrowed Sparks – “Man with a different name”
-There’s a raw rock energy here that feels familiar and brand new all at once. I appreciate the blend of earlier alt rock with a hard driving modern rock edge. The production quality is solid, creating a mix that is pleasing to the ear. The instrumentation is just loud enough to allow the lead vocal to cut through. If you were a fan of bands like the Goo Goo Dolls or Nine Days, you’ll dig this track.

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