Valeree and Micaiah Sawyer are keeping vintage pop alive and you HAVE to hear it

Valeree – “Any other way”
-The track oozes with sensuality, so be ready for that. The lyrics are naughty while still conveying a timeless sentimentality. This is about desire and lust, a celebration of the carnal. The instrumentation and composition is a modern twist on a classic, vintage orchestral pop sound. If the 60s studios were still making music today, they’d make tracks like this.

Micaiah Sawyer – “Til I’m Grey and Old”
-Sawyer’s vocal is really good. That’s what strikes me from the very start. But the overall composition has a vintage vibe that soothes the soul from first listen. I love the bluesy core message of the track, balanced with this light and optimistic hope of being together. It’s more of a love note than it is a blues song. It reminds me of something that could have released in the mid 60s to great fanfare. It’s a well-produced, well-balanced track that keeps me coming back for more from Sawyer.

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