3 Great (and Unique) Tracks

Stupid Baby – “Feline”

“Feline” is a slow burning rock track that is undeniably cool. The band broods and flirts with sonic combustion while practicing a near perfect artistic restraint. If listeners wonder what words like hip or confident sound like, then look no further than Stupid Baby. For those of us who laud great rock bands and look for even more to flood the marketplaces and street corners, bands like these become iconic and rightfully revered.

Serendipity – “H(om)e

The singer songwriter behind Serendipity has a warm Southern California vibe flowing throughout her music. The incredibly talented artist envelops listeners with her lovely vocals and intimate songwriting. There is a gentle peace found within “H(om)e” and we can only assume the track is a natural extension of a genuine artist. The best artists can convey a mood and energy that reflects the soul behind it. Often the intentions behind the constructed wall of sound permeates whether consciously or not. With this particular songwriter, we find nothing but beauty and earnest intention.

Lil Known Fact – “Grandpa’s Cheese Barn”

This one is unexpected. Typically we do not cover straight instrumental indie electronic music, but this one got to us with the title. Off an album of similarly soulful tracks, “Grandpa’s Cheese Barn” is a very real place that the editors have frequented through the years. Laying just outside of Columbus, Ohio, it is a magical adventure of home made flavor. Much like the music, it is something unexpected and fun. It might not be for everyone, but it will definitely bring some sort of nostalgic heart to those who partake.

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