4 things you should know about how casinos use music to entertain customers

Music is something that almost everyone likes. While everyone may not like the same artists or styles, pretty much everyone enjoys music on some level. One reason that this is true is that people connect to music on a very emotional level. Music can bring up old memories, strong emotions, and help turn moods around. Because music is such a powerful device, many companies have found a way to use music to help impact the consumer experience. Examples of this include everything from a favorite oldie tune in a commercial to just the right music in a retail store while you are shopping. Casinos are among the leaders in using music to entertain and influence customers. Here are 4 things you should know about how casinos use music to entertain customers

1. There is no quiet place in a casino 

When you walk into a casino, it can feel like an assault on the senses. It is a good assault, but it is an assault nonetheless. A casino has an excitement in the air mixed with the oxygen being pumped in. There is a buzz of the crowd, flashing lights, and no windows or clocks. One thing you will find though, no matter where you go in a casino, is music. Every inch of the casino has music. Depending on which section you are in and what the desired behavior is that the casino wants to promote in that section, you will hear corresponding music. From the tables to the slot machines to the shops to the bars and restaurants, you will always hear music in a casino environment.

“Music is a big key for casinos when trying to influence consumer behavior,” says Mike Tan of Online Casino Gems. “Whether they want you to gamble more, gamble faster, buy more things, or eat and drink more food and drinks, there is a type and style of music that has been proven to do that and that is what you will find playing in each different area,” he says.

2. Slow Jams

The tempo of the music being played is a very important factor in influencing consumer decisions, especially in a casino. The idea behind playing music is to elicit the desired response and, depending on what you want that response to be, playing different types of music are more effective. Especially during the day, casinos favor playing slower tempo music on the casino floor. This type of slow lounge-style music is what gambling hubs like Las Vegas are known for and with good reason.

Research shows that slow, soft music makes gamblers feel more relaxed, at ease, and allows them to feel comfortable enough to stay at the tables longer. This type of music is also preferred because it does not break a gambler’s concentration. This allows them to focus on the gambling task at hand and bet with more concentration and persistence. Casinos love this because, as we all know, statistics say that the longer a gambler stays gambling, the more the odds shift to the House.

3. Speed Up the Tempo

It is not an easy listening-fest 24-7 in a casino though. As day turns to night, casinos are prone to switch from the slow jams of a long gambling day to the more upbeat, catchy tunes of a night out at a casino. Nighttime (and into the early morning hours) at a casino are not about long, focused gambling runs at a table or machine, they are all about a party atmosphere! Upbeat music with a faster tempo gives the casino an air of energy and excitement. The type of vibe that makes it feel like anything is possible and that the next big win is right around the corner.

At night, casinos switch from the lounge-y sounds of old Vegas to the upbeat sounds of pop, dance, or rock-n-roll music. This changes the whole feel of the casino and the behavior of the people playing as well. Instead of encouraging persistence like slow music, fast music in a casino generates bets that are bigger, faster, and more intense. This is why you will see more exciting, big wins at night and also more big, crushing defeats.

4. Live and In-Person 

In addition to piping in music to every square inch of the venue, casinos use music in another way to entertain patrons and draw them in. Live music has been a hallmark of casinos basically since casinos have existed. No matter where you are in the world, chances are the casino near you is one of the best places to see live music. From small-time performers to the biggest acts on the planet, casinos offer live music in every shape and size to help draw people in.

Starting with the Rat Pack in the early days of Las Vegas to the mega-residencies of people like Britney Spears, Celine Dione, and Elton John, casinos bring in the biggest acts possible to entice people. The casino will make money on ticket sales but that is not the driving force behind these concerts. The more attendees at the show, the more people who gamble in the casino. This is how the casino makes money. And, it is not just big acts. Each lounge, bar, pub, and club in a casino will have live music or DJs often to help build a crowd and keep them in the casino for as long as possible.


The relationship between casinos and music is a relationship that goes back years and has been very beneficial for the casino industry as a whole. In addition to gambling behavior and live music, they also use music in specific ways in restaurants, shops, and even in lobbies, hallways, and elevators. The people who run casinos have long ago figured out how to harness the power of music and make it not only more enjoyable for patrons but more profitable for the casino as well. Now, next time you walk into a casino, you will see how each area has music specifically designed to influence behavior in a very precise way.

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