Genre-Bending Beauties for Your Chill Weekend

It has been a really tough week. Anyone else? I really needed a pick-me-up and these 4 artists gave that to me and I am very grateful. Here’s some excellent vibes for your much-needed and well-deserved weekend.

Sarpa Salpa – “Say Something”

Speaking of vibezzzz, (spellcheck can’t stop me), this song has them in spades. Fun, vibrant, and chock full of life and energy. The vocals are really terrific, and he has a great vibrato that exudes experience. This is a wonderful example of indie pop/electro as it has all of the bits and pieces to the puzzle, but adds something new with thoughtful lyrics and well-timed beats and timings. I instantly wanted to share this song, and that doesn’t happen very often.

Tom Read – “Falling”

I don’t often cover Christian/worship songs, not because I don’t like them, but sometimes they just don’t always fit the narrative that I’m telling in my posts. (Yeah, as pretentious as that sounded, I stand by it.) But there’s something so pure and perfectly timed with Tom Read’s “Falling.” I needed the pick-me-up and this really spoke to me this week. It is a great mix of poignant lyrics, stellar vocals, and modern relatable music. If this style of music is your thing, then you’ll definitely want to check it out. And if not, hey, go for it… what can it hurt? Just trust me!

SHY Martin – “Slow”

Boy, oh boy did this song hit deep for me. Relateable and telling, this story is raw and perfectly delivered. Vocally, it’s luscious. I mean, like, genuinely yummy. We’ve all been there, too, and that’s the beauty of music and this song in particular — realness. The music is simple but endearing, with wonderful guitar tones and piano additions. This is a song that lifts you up and makes you feel seen. Wonderful songwriting and even better production/musical choices.

Cyrus Reynolds ft. S. Carey – “Foraker (Live Session)”

Including Bon Iver’s (YES, I KNOW) S. Carey, this song is genuine beauty personified. Bon Iver, as many know, is one of the most unique schools of excellence in music (maybe ever), so in that same vein, Cyrus Reynolds delivers us a masterclass on how to write, perform, and create music that moves people. Full of so many delicious nuances, from the piano and synth, to drums, to vocals, to HARP… it’s perfection! There’s honestly no other way to describe it. I can see this song being one of my favorites of 2020 and it’s only January 11th. That’s saying something. But enough talking… listen and watch, will you?

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