EP Review, “The Lisa Heller Project” – Beautifully Breaking the Rules

Lisa Heller went from industry to indie in a beautifully masterful way. She decided that the standards laid out before her were not what she wanted and decided to work on a project unequivocally hers. Not only is she uniquely releasing the songs separately, one by one, but she is telling her story throughout. It’s really something special and we just needed to spread the word to all of you!

The first song, (or Part I) called “Figure It Out” is melancholy personified. The piano is masterful and lush. The lyrics are stunningly telling and real. Something that really makes Lisa stand out is the rich, textured range of her voice. She really shines in the lower end of her register. It’s something truly exquisite. The bow on this gift is the angelic background vocals – layered and bewitching.

Since the rest of the EP has not released yet, I won’t be able to share all of the songs, but let me be one of the first to say this — it’s remarkable.

Part II, “Pulling Away” is so, so sad. I think this song really resonated with me because I’ve been there. We just sometimes want to hold onto the hope of a happy ending, but reality almost always tears that down. Lyrically delicious and musically poignant.

Part III, “Closure” moves us into the next level of grief. It’s one of my favorite vocals of the EP, as she really lets her voice treat us at her higher end, full of excellent textures and tones. She really is a simple-powerhouse. There’s something very full-bodied about her sound.

Part IV, “Deep End” completes our journey on this project. The beginning of this song is hauntingly delicious. The melody screams pop, but the piano and vocals really cross genres. The background vocals on this song are quite genius. It’s the perfect way to execute the emptiness and imagery of being overwhelmed and surrounded by water.

Watch out of Lisa Heller, everyone. I have no doubt that her music will move many and makes waves. Not because she markets to the masses, but because she chose the unadulterated love of music over the game. Her music is noteworthy and this EP is something truly inspired. Start by adding “Figure it Out” into your personal lineup/playlist and be prepared for more songs as they’re released.

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