Bidding 2019 adieu with some contemplative folk music

The Satellite Station – “I should have fought for you”
-The driving beat of this track might not seem like “relaxed” folk music at first blush, but it feels so good. It’s a song about how we should fight for people that we support. It’s got the benefit of hindsight in it, but I find it more as an inspiration for the coming new year. Who should I be fighting for? Who should I be claiming as someone worth supporting? I like it.

Jack Rabbit – “December”
-Hush yourself for this one. It’s a beautiful duo harmony that puts me in mind of Lily and Madeleine. The overall energy is delicately inspiring. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate the solstice with a loved one. Dance to this one, lovelies. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll have to sing along. Such a treat! I can’t wait to hear more from these two in 2020.

J. R. Wyatt – “Whispers”
-The acoustic guitar part on this song is enough to make me pay attention. When you add in a sincere vocal style, it feels like the spirit of authentic folk music captured in a single track. The atmospheric elements make it distinctly 21st century, but it taps into a time-honored tradition. I appreciate the lyrical sensibility about living your life in spite of what people say. It’s a good lesson of self-determinism heading into a new year.

Frank Birtwistle – “Winter Sky”
-The acoustic guitar here is absolutely stunning. I contemplated saving this one for a neoclassical playlist as it is instrumental. But honestly I love the captivating image of a winter sky conveyed with the intricate string work here. It’s the kind of piece that makes me want to write and create as much as I possibly can. This is the kind of positivity and moving energy I want to propel me into a new year.

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