Santa Approved Original Holiday Playlist

Here are some original holiday tracks to keep you upright and singing along. Hang in there. It is almost the New Year.

Nadia Vaeh – “Holidazed and Confused”

The sardonic pop songstress showcases her talent on the holiday original. This one is both a great track for those who don’t typically dig holiday music, as well as a good introduction to a rising artist. Her knack for catchy lyrics and playful melodies melt like logs in a roaring fire on the single. Just in time for the holidays, this might end up making it on many playlists for those pessimistic loner types.

Phoebe Hunt – “December Again”

This one has a classic holiday soul we dig. Upbeat and fun, the playful artist draws listeners in with her fantastic vocals. The piano and instrumentation show a talent for different genres and swinging styles. We like how concise it is without dipping into sentimentality and sweeping holiday cliches. The experience of this artist shines through like a northern light.

Steve Benjamins – “Christmas Eve”

If you like more subdued and melancholic holiday tracks, then “Christmas Eve” is for you. The Canadian songwriter dips into the genre just enough – providing a choir and jingle bell – before going back to his own downtempo songwriter style. The end result is something beautiful and will play longer than the holidays will last. As our first exposure to the artist, we are intrigued to hear the rest of his catalog, which has been well received critically.

The Wrong Piano – “The Twelve Days of Christmas”

We love instrumental neo-classical work at Ear to the Ground. Around the holidays, we prefer it to sappy lyrics and overdramatic singing. Artist The Wrong Piano, released a great album of everything we love about holiday music and we would be hard-pressed to find someone that didn’t love it as well. It is the perfect background for reflecting on your year and many blessings by the fire. It also works as a great buffer when those particular hard to handle family members are around. Breathe. Then listen to this exceptional holiday expression on repeat.

The Dirty Nil – “Christmas at my House”

Maybe your holiday needs a little loud pick-me-up. Allow for us to introduce you to the Canadian rock act with punk leanings, The Dirty Nil. The band has talent for crafting a raucous wall of sound tempered with clever lyrics. Think Green Day does Christmas. This is one is combustible and extremely relatable. The guitar solo and rising vocals make it a perfect stocking stuffer for those of us who love a more rock and roll Frosty.

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