Some mid-December rock and indie pop jams to get you moving

Stranger Wolf – “Cruise”
-This chill rock style is really enjoyable. Of course I dig on the vocal harmonies on the chorus, but the whole track is enjoyable. I appreciate the intensity of the composition, feeling both understated and still a full sound. If you’re a fan of early 90s alt rock bands, Stranger Wolf is sure to put a smile on your face.

Vacation Club – “Fire Goes Out”
-This track has a chill energy to it, but still manages to get me grooving. I’ve become a big fan of this kind of indie electro chill style. The lead vocal cuts right through the mix, but it doesn’t dominate the track. I appreciate that it’s the kind of thing you could listen to while driving or relaxing, but the electro break is enough to get you moving. It’s a fantastic mix.

Nolan Garrett – “The Camel”
-This singer songwriter tune could probably fit on some of our other run down articles, but I definitely dig the rock breakdown on the chorus. It’s the kind of song that makes me want to sing along but also get grooving in my chair. Part show tune, part rock jam, this song is a lot of fun across the board. Garrett’s songwriting is right up my alley.

Future Ghost – “Took my chance”
-This song is high art. I don’t really know of any other way to put it than that. It has an excellent mix of guitar and rhythm section with some delightfully intricate vocal work over the top. I am stunned by the Beach Boys-esque harmonies in some places. The overall mix is absolutely outstanding on this track. I’m puzzled as to why this isn’t flying up indie charts right now. It’s phenomenal.

Sophia Gripari – “Lesson Learned” (Explicit)
-This song is an absolute groove. It’s got a good danceable beat to it. When I think of indie electro music, it sounds like this in my head. Gripari’s vocal is spot on, the beat will get you moving, and the electronic elements in the background are balanced in the mix. The lyrics communicate a hard hitting breakup message that far too many of us can relate to. It’s intense in all the right ways.

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