Two Must Hear Folk/Americana Artists

Baneful Town – “Flare Gun Eyes”

A lot happens within this criminally short 2 minute track. The Canadian duo blends layers of sound and beauty almost effortlessly. It is folk, yes, but the way “Flare Gun Eyes” is crafted makes it accessible to many different listeners. We appreciate the deliberate slow burn and the vocal interplay. The whistling makes it even a tad playful. We would hold the music of Baneful Town up against any of the bigger names in the scene. Their music is tight and steeped in talent.

Jarod Grice – “April Rain”

We cannot get enough of the confessional songwriting of this Texas artist. Grice delicately adds layers to the track before coming to a beautiful climax. Grounded in Americana, the slide guitar and harmonies reach the track beyond borders and genres to a rare artistic integrity we absolutely love. We would compare him to early releases from the likes of Noah Gundersen and David Ramirez (some of the highest praise we can offer) in how the production is just enough while letting the talent breathe while maintaining a song crafting virtue.

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