Don’t Let the Weather Fool You, These Powerful Tunes Are Anything But Cold

I’m cold. Like, temperature-wise. (Maybe personality, too. Depends on who you ask, I guess.) But these hard-hitting, inventive, awesome songs have the ability to warm you up, inside and out. So, go ahead. Cozy up the fire!

Soul Push – “Calypso”

I’ve just got to say, right off the bat, that I loved this video so much that I almost did a straight-up YouTube Gem on it alone. It’s stunning, with its choreography, concept, and imagery. But what about the music, you ask? I’ll tell you! It’s punchy and purposeful. Boom. The calypso beat is pretty much a given here, but what I really enjoyed was the “elementary-school-Cassio-keyboard” sound of that beat. The vocals are delicious and rich. The harmonies are perfectly layered when they need to be and hang on the melody line on the chorus, which is very smart. I love everything about this track (and subsequent video)! (*Updated 3/37/2020)

Emma Charles – “You”

What may seem like another dreamy-pop tune transitions, very elegantly, into a melodic, angelic anthem on the beautiful chorus. That’s what won me over, really. The vocals are wonderful, the musicality is solid, and the lyrics are telling, but it’s that chorus! Its simple repetition of the word “you,” interlaced with melancholic and ethereal background vocals/harmonies are simply perfection. The last chorus with the drums and the other melody line overtop of the original is something moving and marvelous. (Also, PRETTY COVER ART ALERT!)

Mothica – “Hungover”

It’s like Stranger Things meets pop… and I’m totally here for it. I love the nuanced little electro bits throughout. The vocals are also fabulous and strong. The chorus, when the beat hits (or drops, whatever) something magical happens to the listener. I love how this song has so many lovely parts and so much to munch on. It’s like a whole steak dinner, no skimping on the sides. Mothica is a powerhouse and I look forward to more from her.

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