Three harmony bands to help soothe your weary soul

I, the Mountain – “I Swam”
-From the opening line of this track, I began to swoon. It’s got this delicate lead vocal that helps to usher in a comfortable composition. The vocal harmonies put it on another level. It feels like something you might have spun on vinyl with your grandparents. A dash of Peter, Paul, and Mary if they were willing to (gasp!) drop some naughty words and use an electric guitar.

High South – “Make it better”
-Fans of Crosby, Stills, and Nash are going to fall IN LOVE with High South. This is a magical sound that you haven’t heard in a long time. I think the harmony pattern is really good, but the energy of the whole track is enjoyable. It feels like the late sixties or early seventies brought back to life. It’s my favorite thing to find bands like this to prove that they “do make music like they used to.” Amazing talent and beautiful execution.

Mighty Oaks – “Forget tomorrow”
-Fans of my music selections know that I love harmony. Further, I’ve featured Mighty Oaks in the past so they will come as no surprise on this list. But the thing about this track is that it starts off a little different, but once the harmonies enter the track it just feels SO RIGHT. That desparate yell that launches the chorus is spine-tingling good. The use of dynamics in this track puts me in mind of everything I love about NeedToBreathe. Fantastic stuff!

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