A new music mix without a single holiday track (PROMISE!)

Naipia – “Another”
-I’m a sucker for power chords and quality vocals. This track rocks, with a solid beat and a relatable key lyric. Fans of mid-90s rock (which, if we’re honest, is all of us) will dig this band quite a bit. I appreciate the shades of punk that you’ll hear here, but it stays as a mostly mainstream rock track that should have mass crossover appeal.

Honey Mooncie – “Nice to have a break”
-This song is about as quaint as they come… if separation is “quaint.” The composition is spare in all the right ways. Mooncie’s vocal slips into the crevices of your soul. There’s something eeriely intimate about the recording. I could listen to this song over and over. The chromatic melody on the chorus is absolutely captivating.

Sea Legs – “Favourite Doll”
-The energy of this track defies easy genre categorization. It’s got a bit of that glowing shoegaze style to it, yet has a driving indie rock intensity as well. I can hear Paul McCartney’s guitar tone at times, all while moving with a kind of 90s grunginess at times as well. I don’t know how it all works so well together, but it absolutely does. Give this one a spin if you’re looking for a unique style of rock.

Emma McGrath – “Fall for you”
-The easy comparison here is Maggie Rogers, of course. It’s such a magnetic, fun, up beat style. Emma McGrath’s style is really energetic, so I can imagine dancing to this song at a festival with thousands of “friends.” I appreciate the folk sensibility mashing with up tempo dance based music. The blend is not only energetically fun, but also expresses a genuine sentiment of falling for someone.

Telemonster – “For someone not so old”
-My friends think my music taste is a bit too conventional at times (e.g. dissonance hurts my head). But this song from Telemonster is unconventional, experimental, and positively avant garde… yet here I am digging on it! The syncopated beat and the creatively woven melody line creates something I have literally never heard before. The electronic elements work to advance the sound rather than feeling like a distracting background sound. The whole piece feels carefully crafted and delightfully “new.”

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