Take a spoonful of everything – an eclectic new music mix

Kelz – “Passerby”
-I could vibe out to this track all dang day. Ya heard? It’s got this understated synth work that sits right in the middle of the mix while the snare pops at the top. When the easy going vocal line slips to the front of the stage, you can’t help but groove out with it. This is a slick and engaging chill sound that is going to find its way on a lot of my playlists.

Odie Ray – “Waiting for love”
-If you put this song on a playlist of 70s hits, I bet your friends wouldn’t even notice. They’d be like “oh nice, who is this?” because it fits right in with that kind of music. It’s got that peaceful easy feeling, you might say. I dig the harmonies, the rock energy, and the quality lead vocal. I wish I was an A&R man in 1972. I’d take my bell-bottomed butt right to Columbia Records with this song!

Zayde Wolf – “Still Fighting For It”
-The energy of this track is palpable. The power behind the melody resonates throughout the track. It’s both synth and guitar energy that props up the lead vocal. It’s an incredible work of production to make all these elements come together so well. It’s perfect for your power pop playlists. If you need motivation (a workout playlist, for example) this tune has got it going on.

Magic Giant – “Disaster Party”
-This up tempo anthem feels like it was tailormade for the big stage. It’s got a nice danceable beat to it. But what makes it such a great “party” tune is the singalong chorus. Once the whistles enter the track, you can just picture jumping up and down with your friends laughing while you try to whistle too. I can picture this one being a huge hit for proms and dance parties in general. This track should become a massive hit. Can we help it get there?

Morning Wars – “Eleanor Rigby” (Cover)
-When I told my co-editor that I had approved a Beatles cover, he immediately sent out a search team for the “real me.” He was worried I had been abducted. No, but seriously this is an amazing track. The vocals are incredibly smooth. But what makes me like this cover so much is that it colorfully reimagines the song without ruining the core riff that “makes” the song. I will definitely be considering this one for a lot of my playlists for this year. That syncopation on the bridge hits me right in the soul.

Dacian Miron – “Young Punk, Mr Rock n’ Roll”
-So if you’ve been around my writing for long you know I love Relient K, especially the solid harmonies with those beautiful power chords. Well Dacian Miron is right in that gorgeous musical space. Honestly, listening to this song takes me back to a different time in my own life when I was a bit of a “young punk.” I wish I could click my heels and go back to some of those clubs on some of those nights. It’s cool to relive it with this modern, exciting, harmony-heavy sound. Miron is definitely one to watch for me.

Friends at the Falls – “Say you love me”
-I really like this song a lot. It reminds me of what I always enjoyed about the 30 Seconds to Mars “arena style” of rock music. The energy on the verses feels so approachable and enjoyable, but then the chorus absolutely explodes with major key energy and excitement. This is the kind of song that resonates with me in indie rock more often than not. It just feels good and makes me want to call all my friends for a party… you know ‘cuz I love them.

Emma Charles – “Vertigo”
-One of the compared artists on the Emma Charles submission was Maggie Rogers and if you know me at all you know I love Maggie Rogers. I was pleasantly surprised to hear how much Charles does sound like her without feeling derivative at all. It’s a fresh take on the folk-meets-big-production-pop sound. I could definitely get into this sound. I wonder if Charles has Rogers’ mesmerizing stage energy as well. I’d love to find out! Until then, I’ll be spinning this unique and powerful track.

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