Delicious New Tunes for Your Weekend

Ooh, you’re in for it now! You’ve done got yourself into this mess by wandering into this place looking for new music. And by golly you’re gonna get it! These are the best tracks that I’ve heard in weeks! And you’re gonna love it… or else! (Ok, not “else” but I would harshly judge you… silently… in my head.) Happy weekend, everyone! Sometimes this job makes me truly feel hashtag blessed.

Elijah Mann – “High Anxiety”

There’s really a lot to dig into here. The melody really has some excellent highs, lows, dynamics, and interesting bits. It really borderlines the indie rock genre with the luscious electric guitar, but the piano and underlying tone really touch on singer-songwriter. But… what is a genre if not to be pushed, anyways? Right? Right! Vocally, he is raw and full of power. Lyrically, well… it’s telling and imaginative. Overall, upon first hearing this song, I had one of those delicious instant experiences that I inevitably had to share with you all.

Anson Seabra – “Last Time”

*Deep Sigh*

This song is just… bewitching. Yes. I’m going to go with that! As soon as the first measure of the song started, I was truly hooked. I was mesmerized by the vocals… the stunning vocals. This song has gorgeous visuals (thanks to sad, poignant lyrics) and the simplest of all melodies, and that’s all it took for me to be an instant fan. A piano. A vocal. A song that radiates melancholy in the most beautiful of ways.

Wild Silence – “Stars”

Dreamy and whimsical, this pop/folk crossover is nuanced and spectacular. The vocals are quite perfect – the main male vocal having one of the most interesting vibratos I’ve heard in a while. The harmonies are exquisite, I mean… truly out of this world. I was blown away by the blending of the two vocals and the musicality is stellar. The layering of sounds, moving and growing as the song ticks away is wonderful. Truly wonderful.

French for Rabbits – “Middle of the House”

Something that struck me about this song was its lyrics. It reads as if it were some folk tale, passed down through generations, and not just a song. But the beauty of it all was I so wanted to hear how the story progressed – the middle, the end. The piano and musical score are simple, yet powerful. The electro additions added welcomed dynamics. Vocally, it’s charming and lovely, with the harmonies inter-lacing between the chords of the accompaniment. It’s delightful and even somewhat sad… which I adore. Obviously.

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