Talented Thursday Playlist

Audio Dope – “Chrome”

We sincerely dig artists who can do more, with less. Swiss artist Audio Dope does just this. His minimal approach to downtempo electronic music is refreshing and peaceful. “Chrome” is perfect for a late night creative session, long drive, or slow groove. The artist doesn’t attempt to do too much, or layer too much but the end result is enthralling and a must hear.

Conversing With Oceans – “Time Traveler”

The project of Alex Bondarev has been a favorite of ours for awhile now. His newest musical project, is set to release the first full-length, and “Time Traveler” shows us what we are in for. The textured and layered sound is impressive and show the artist’s talent for building a wall of sound. His collaborative approach to music and his own creative vision, creates an impressive final product that has us excited for what comes next. With every listen, we hear a little more of an expert craftsman at work.

Sklyer Day – “Sleepwalking”

Georgia songwriter Skyler Day has everything you could ever want in your favorite artist. A compelling message, incredibly relatable and catchy lyrics, an underrated voice. If she looks familiar, it might be because in recent years she has popped up in numerous tv shows as well as crafting some killer pop jams. With “Sleepwalking”, her rising talent is on full display and is sure to get stuck in your head for days to come.

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