YouTube Gem – “Slow Regard” by I Wish I Was a Punk Band

Quippy band names aside, this actual lone musician did something for me that hasn’t happened in a really, really long time. I had this visceral reaction to what would seemingly be another submission in a long line of submissions. Phil Hamilton, known by “I Wish I Was a Punk Band,” doesn’t necessarily wow you by an edgy, visually stunning video here. However, you do get this raw, earthy, emotionally-driven piece of excellence.

The song itself is full of deep, sad undertones. The juxtaposition of the additional sound effects on an otherwise ethereal piece of music is also something so unique and interesting. It’s like this monster looming over it all! Such a cool concept! But also – I mean… vocally and musically it’s something to behold.

I needed something this. I have been craving this reaction and excitement upon hearing a new song for quite some time. So here we are. And here you go.

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