Just a little folk playlist for your best friends

Darryl Rahn – “Old Flame”
-I can’t explain what I like about Darryl Rahn’s music so much, but I swear I like every track. He writes with this open expressiveness that I don’t hear very often in music these days. It feels more like grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend than listening to a professional track. But the production is exemplary, complete with quality vocals and crispy Americana guitars that put a smile on my face. Rahn captures the folk sentiment that soothes my soul.

Jason Piquette feat. Caroline Schrope – “Till I Fall”
-If you’re a fan of folk duos, you’ll enjoy this song a lot. I know there’s something inherently charming about hearing these two voices together. The light string work on the guitars sets up a delightfully approachable sound. It’s part romance, part whimsical fun between two people. I love the line “though I’m not the man I wish I was…” This song is a love note, despite fallability. It’s beautiful.

Stella Ruze – “Open”
-This is a bit more up tempo, more toward the folk rock style. It’s got a Tom Petty flavor to it at times and I’m not mad about that. The rollicking vibe makes it feel like a fun Friday night out with friends. There’s some common folk philosophy about opening your heart here that fits well with the overall approach. That organ and horn work — swooooon.

The BlueBirds – “Take you home”
-The harmonies here are great. I love the guitar work and throwback Andrews Sisters style vocal harmonies. It’s got a bluesy style with a sassy little lyrical element to it. It’s got just the right amount of flirty energy to it to put a smile on the face of listeners. I like the mix of “classic” with a little wink of intent. But did I mention the harmonies? Whoa.

SYML – “Symmetry”
-There’s a haunting style to this track from SYML that you might be expecting. So much folk music these days is full of hand claps and positivity, but this one is melancholy. It moves, though, but has a darkness to it that really resonated with us. The production mix on the track is quite impressive, balancing the lead vocal with atmospheric string work. The full production is evocative, causing the listener to stop what they’re doing to listen closely.

Fox and Bones – “A Strange and Wonderous Place”
-This moving folk song talks about the struggle of life. It’s about how difficult life can be sometimes but we need to keep moving. There are some really moving vocal harmonies on this track. The subtleties in the guitar work put a smile on my face. The whole production seems equally viable for folk and country music charts. Give it a spin!

Vandalye – “Sydnee’s Calling”
-I don’t always go for this kind of easy listening folk music, but this track stood out for me. The harmonies are solid and the melody feels comfortable. The overall feeling of the track felt like something that would resonate with a lot of our readers. It fits on any folk or folk pop playlist nicely.

Sam Weber – “Blackout”
-I dig the easy going folk rock vibe of this track. Weber has a timeless vibe about him that conjures comparisons to guys like Tom Waits and Willie Nelson. It’s the plodding rhythm combined with punctuated lyrics that makes Weber’s work stand out so well. I can picture this track working everywhere from a corner bar to a national stage venue. It’s just the real deal and relatable to anyone who has felt those existential blues.

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