Rising folk and singer songwriters to get to know

Kyler Pierce – “If I changed”
-There’s a sincerity in this track that soothes my soul immediately. It carries an intimacy that reminds me of the early days of my own relationship with my beloved. The thing I wish I could tell those youngsters is that you will change. But if you choose to love each other (as we have done), it will work out. This is a beautiful, reflective acoustic song.

Goldschatz – “Darkest Times”
-This country-tinged duo have a relaxed style about them. It’s a romantic song, too, but it’s really about perseverance. It’s about saying that no matter what I’ll stay by your side. The lyrics reflect that well, but it’s the organ and the swing tempo that make it such a fun track. It feels like one to bring down the lights at the honky tonk and take home your date… maybe for the first time, maybe for the last time.

Mabes – “Bigger Picture”
-This is a thoughtful acoustic song that dances on the border between acoustic singer songwriter and pop. Something about Mabes continues to fascinate me. The sincerity in the vocal permeates each recording. But more than that, the simplicity (and I mean that as a compliment) in the arrangements allow me to really connect with the message. Too often in pop, even the acoustic varieties, there’s too much going on. Mabes has crafted a sound that highlights her exceptional vocals really well.

The Shades – “Great Escape”
-If you’re a sucker for vocal harmonies like me, you’ll really enjoy The Shades. This song puts me in mind of some classic artists like the Eagles and the 70s folk rock era. But at the same time, there are some shades of more modern Rascall Flatts style country harmonies. The combination is really enjoyable. Look if you hear someone singing a fourth part slightly off key but with a lot of enthusiasm… it’s… *NOT* me, ok?

Jake Troth – “All over the world”
-If you’re looking for a more cosmopolitan pop jazz flavor, Jake Troth is your new favorite. This song is infectiously optimistic. It’s the kind of music you just didn’t think they make anymore. They do. It’s sweet, light hearted, travel-filled, and whimsical. But don’t let all of that take away from the fact that it’s musically outstanding. I could listen to this all day!


Photo credit: Mabes Instagram

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