Three neoclassical pieces to ease you into a new week

Christof R Davis – “Momentary”
-Davis has a thoughtful articulation in the way he plays the piano. This piece speaks to me deeply, with a contemplative and relaxing style. There’s just enough space between lines to allow your mind to wander. It’s the kind of eloquent neoclassical piece that makes the genre so genuinely engaging.

Sarah Spring – “Under Cold Water”
-This contemplative neoclassical piece has these engaging lines. They feel like actual bits of conversation, as if people are talking with one another through piano key strokes. I can’t quite make out what they are saying, but it feels contentious yet hopefully. Where are we going and when will we get there? It captures an uncertainty I’m feeling in the air right now in my own life so maybe I’m projecting that. Either way, I love the sensation the piece gives me… and the air around it feels vital and necessary.

Daniel O’Rhys – “Slow Book”
-As a writer, I do a fair bit of reading myself. “Slow books” are a rare treat. When a book can be slow yet provocative enough to keep you interested, that’s a gem right there. This song feels like it takes a bit to develop at times, but if you can wait it out, it will reward you. I love the delicate mix of piano and “music box” that I feel with this piece. There’s so much mystery in this one, but that’s precisely what makes me want to turn the next page and hear what’s next.

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