Four Thoughtful Pop Jewels for the Weekend

Sometimes by the end of the week, I’m so tired that I can’t feel anything. I’m dead on my feet. (Or on my bed… binge-watching all the new Fall TV.) So, here are four amazing pop songs that will cause you to feel, be, do, and love.

Amber Ais – “Anything”

With delicious vocals only made better with dreamy guitars and synth, this is the perfect blend of tender power that speaks to me on so many goosbumpy levels. The lyrics are heartfelt and lovely, speaking to the romantics in all of us. The initial gut reaction I had when I heard this song speaks substantial volumes. And it proves that sometimes sheer volume isn’t the obvious choice. There’s something truly magical about making someone feel so much with what (some would say) is so little. But she is not little, she is mighty… this song is mighty.

Cannon & deVaron – “Lots of Little Friends”

This song has intrigue, cleverness, intricate nuances, and the best use of syncopation I think I’ve heard in a long time. The vocals are layered and feeling with the lead vocals truly are fun and unique. The song just keeps moving and taking you to new heights, then new depths, adding more tones, more sounds, more stank, more grit, and joy that it’s actually kind of hard to pin down an accurate description. (Hense that last obscure sentence.) It’s certainly one to listen to, feel and experience yourself. So, do it already!

Clayjay – “Fruit Roll Up”

The music video is visually stunning and the concept for it as well as the song is something quite spectacular. Truly an indie-pop gem, this song is great for any playlist of the genre. I love discovering cool new artists that love the art factor of it all. Vocals are clean and true, the beat is relatable and subtly strong. The musicality is genuine and fierce. The overall experience is one that I genuinely loved. I know you will too. (Link for just the song added, as well.)

Chris Gale – “Wait Until Tomorrow”

Another genre-pushing indie pop/electro piece, this fascinating sound is one that sticks with you long after it’s done. It’s got the juxtaposition of musical darkness matched with light, angelic vocals. The lyrics are pounding and authentic. This song is one that crosses genre lines in and of itself, taking you on a journey, and allowing you to feel the song how you choose. I love that about artists like this. You get the experience it in your own way. I felt at ease on this journey and felt inspired to show it to you. Enjoy.

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