Four new tracks we’re adding to our folk playlist

Cereus Bright – “All night”
-We have covered Cereus Bright in the past because they have mastered the art of folk rock music. It’s a style that will put a smile on the face of people who enjoyed the emergence of the genre in the 70s. I admire the quality of the vocals, the rollicking spirit of the instrumentation, and the positive message of the lyrics. This is the kind of music that “frees my soul,” in the words of Dobie Gray.

Plasi – “Sorrow”
-The contemplative style of this track puts a smile on my face. I really appreciate the delicate layering of the vocals on this track. The atmospheric quality won’t evoke Woody Guthrie folk so much as more recent developments in the subgenre such as Bon Iver. It’s still a remarkable sound to embrace.

Mipso – “People Change”
-Beginning with the delightfully crafted acoustic work, Mipso brings something to us that one day long ago would have been called country music. It’s carefully crafted, artful lyricism. I love the line, “thing about people is they change when they walk away.” It’s got deep wisdom in meaning but it’s so artfully delivered that it goes down smooth, like a good Hank Williams line.

Ian Janco – “Keep out of the cold”
-With the weather getting a bit more brisk around here lately, this thought of keeping out of the cold hits me a bit more viscerally right now. What I love (and you will too) about this song are the rich and vibrant vocal harmonies. When I first heard the track, I liked the solo opening. When the harmony entered, I stopped what I was doing to listen more carefully. This is an absolute gem of a folk song. Please share this with someone you care about today.

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