Two of the Most Intriguing Downtempo/Electro Songs We’ve Heard This Week

There are lots of words for Downtempo/Electro music out there. Atmospheric. Ambient. Bedroom. Minimal Electro. Ethereal. Neoclassical. The list goes on and on… and on. But what term I cannot say is the best to describe it, I can say of one of my favorite (and underrated) genres. It moves people. It moves me. It makes me want to soar. These two excellent examples can be the wings you need to join me. Let’s go!

Charlotte Lawrence – “Why Do You Love Me” (Hippie Sabotage Remix)

Listen, we here at Ear to the Ground do tend to steer clear of covers and remixes for obvious reasons, but there are the VERY few times that we make an exception – and this is one of those times! I actually was hesitant to even click on the link, but I’m so glad that I did! From the first note, its layered angelic vocals, cultural undertones, and gripping sound give you the feeling of taking flight. It’s only elevated more by the intense downtempo bass beat that starts on the chorus and thumps and pumps so hard, you can’t help but move. This may be a remix, but the level of intricacy and intrigue give truth to the raw talent of Ms. Lawrence whether it is her original version or this one. It’s stanky, dirty, sexy, and super saucy.

Ed Carlson – “Hands, Heart”

I listen to a lot of downtempo/neoclassical songs when I write or when I need to decompress. It’s one of my go-to indie genres when I want to truly feel something. In the same vein, however, poorly executed and they can be very one-dimensional and dare I say boring? (I dare say it. I said it.) That is certainly not the case with Carlson’s masterpiece here. It’s elegant in the best ways – with its guitar tones and musical ups and downs, and it’s beautiful with its depth of sound quality and unyielding emotion. This is exactly the type of song that inspires me to write – inspires me to be better, and inspires me to go on another day, another minute. This… this is feeling. Feel those feels, folks. Go for it. You can thank me later.

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