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Jack Greenwood – “A song about time”
-Jack Greenwood reminds me of the first time I heard John Mayer’s music. It was just so refreshing. In a world of over-produced drivel, it was nice to find someone who could play clean lines on a guitar and sing with some soul. Greenwood’s composition style on this track is really good, giving lots of positive energy. More than anything, the perfect match between his vocal style and the genre he performs means that he’s got a promising feature. Greenwood has a timeless vibe that’s sure to win over a lot of fans in a hurry.

Luca Vasta – “Scenes”
-Luca Vasta is one of those artists who comes along and makes you wonder where you’ve been. Who IS she? How did I not know about her sooner? This European based singer songwriter writes captivating lines with a style that feels like a mashup of 70s rock with mid 90s alt vibes. The full production just pulls the listener in completely. She has the ability to express vocals with articulation and charm. It’s not an overstatement to call Vasta’s music captivating.

Orla Gartland – “Did it to myself”
-Gartland has become an automatic “yes” from me here lately. Her songwriting has been impeccable. The biting tenacity of this track is self critical and infinitely relatable. The beat is moving and causes the listener to move with the song. Gartland is moving from YouTube famous to a level of mass popularity and we’re excited to watch her rise. This is an excellent song from a massively rising star.

Creature Comfort – “Heartstrings”
-I am a big fan of the snappy, energetic vibe of Creature Comfort. Something about their style reminds me of the old school southern rock bands, yet at the same time there’s a modern punk-influenced ethos to the music too. The combination is something that really resonates with me. The lyrical delivery has style and substance, a rare combination in indie rock these days. I don’t think this is the last we’ll be hearing from Creature Comfort.

The Brook and the Bluff – “Hallways”
-You have to have a bit of patience in the opening of this track. But stick with it. Trust me on this one. There’s an honesty in the vocal here that I rarely find. Beyond that, the vocal harmonies represent the type of music that pulled me into blogging to begin with. Sounding like a mashup of two of my early favorites in Good Old War and Penny and Sparrow, these guys are doing harmony folk music on a really encouraging level. I am eager to hear more from them.

Emma Frank – “Before you go away”
-If you’ve been reading ETTG for a bit, you know I’m a sucker for authenticity. If there’s one word for Emma Frank’s music, it’s authentic. You can tell from her phrasing and style that she believes every line that she sings. The sweet tone of her voice ingratiates her to the audience almost immediately. Then after listening to the deeply personal lyrics, the listener is immediately connected to the storyline (with perhaps a parallel in your own life). The delicate string work accents the vocal perfectly. This is a great example of letting production highlight a lead vocalist rather than overshadowing it.

Joseph Cutshall – “Oh My Love”
-Not all love songs are created equal, as we learn from how supremely good this one is from Cutshall. The intimate vocal style is hard to produce without sounding cheesy, but Cutshall does it well. The intricate lyrics are about love, but they’re also about cultivating a sense of tenderness with someone special. The layered backing band sounds like a worship band, honestly. The full production feels like it comes from a deep and truthful place. It’s sure to find a lot of fans in the easy listening realm.

VanRiss – “Chandelier Tree”
-VanRiss is an intriguing talent, presenting pop music with a folk base to it. There’s not really an easy comparison here – maybe Phillip Phillips who won Idol a while back? VanRiss has a quality lead vocal style that commands the track. Yet at the same time the pop chording and optimistic vibe from the track just feels like something you’d hear in a made-for-family TV show. It’ll put a smile on your face with some sweet, joy-filled lyrics.

Red Arms – “Ran Away”
-I can’t say I even fully understand what people mean when they say “post-punk,” but what I have come to realize is that I like some versions of punk and this post-punk style works for me. I like the up tempo style and the power chords here. I find myself nodding my head with the beat. More than anything, I appreciate the melody on the chorus. It reminds me of older bands like My Chemical Romance or Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. It’s a cool vibe.

Lily Kershaw – “The Sea” ft. Jon Bryant
-If you are a fan of intimate singer songwriter duos, you need to take a moment to listen to this track from Lily Kershaw and Jon Bryant. Something about the quality of Kershaw’s vocal just melts any toughness or bitterness you may have. It’s gentle and lulls the listener into relaxation. I could listen to folk-based vocal harmonies like this all day.

Photo credit: Luca Vaca Instagram

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